Spiritual Discernment and Vocational Counseling Essay

Religious Discernment and Vocational Guidance

Phyllis Pat

Liberty University


This kind of paper depends on a description showing how to make godly decisions through prayer, the Holy Spirit and reading biblical scriptures. It will check out spiritual discernment using the bull's-eye method. The literature will discuss my personal past and present experiences of discernment, a counselor and clients experiences and my responses on my personal position of the client's entreaty, petition, appeal. Spiritual Discernment and Professional Counseling

Segment 1: Personal Position

When making job decisions that are in tranquility with their self and with the will of God (Christian, 208) you should be praying for intelligence to make godly decisions, realizing inner serenity from the O Spirit and referring to bible scriptures (Horton, 2010). Prayer is being inside the presence of God. It really is being in the position the place that the ego can be put aside, hope is elevated and needs are made. 1 admits his needs, welcomes humility, and asks Goodness for help. Prayer has the opportunity to be in touch with Goodness being able to concede sins and touching the heart of God via his son, Jesus Christ each of our savior (Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry, 2011). The moment one prays, prayer can be love, devotion, and a walk that allows one to take part daily to keep their thoughts positive (McMinn, 1996). Prayer is like a foundation, 1 need to pray for power, understanding, help, peace, appreciate, guidance and gratitude. When ever one prays, he is conversing with God, strolling closer to him, talking and listening to him. One who thinks can hope from his or her heart on anything that they want to talk to The almighty about. One more to pray is because God told all of us to pray. Being obedient is a result of discipleship. In Luke 18: you it says " then simply he chatted a parable to these people, that men always must pray but not lose heart” (New Full James Version). Ephesians six: 18 declares " pray in the Spirit on all occasions using kinds of prayers and needs with this in mind, be alert and keep on praying for all the saints” (New International Version). Praying for advice is trusting in Goodness for him to immediate or lead one in the right direction. Some individuals will not pray and generate their own decisions in the power of their own will for the things that they want; for instance , their own desired goals or anything at all they wish to happen for them. God is a great being; he loves us and understands what is best for us. Proverbs 3: 5-6 states " Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and low fat not on your own understanding: In all of your ways admit him. And he shall direct your paths” (NKJV). Praying for specific assistance and listening to God can be confirmation of your correct choice. It may come instinctively using peace bequeathed by the Ay Spirit (Horton, 2010). The Holy Soul is your inner connection to God. It can be part of their mind, and one's sprit that is coupled to the mind of God (Kaiser, 2010). Their job is usually to act as the voice pertaining to God to leave one know the dimensions of the truth of who he is. Its function is to information and direct one in the ideal solution and to re-establish one's thinking to Gods way of thinking to enable him to triumph over the earth. The Ay Spirit is going to bless or judge everybody with the criteria of God's promise and his will certainly (Kaiser, 2010). The Holy Spirit can be powerful in fact it is one soul that can provide gifts as well to different persons. In one particular Corinthians 12: 7-8 this states " But the outward exhibition of the soul is given with each one to get the profit of: for one has the word of wisdom throughout the Spirit, to another the word expertise through the same spirit” (NKJV). The proposicion of Christ was not produced by individuals and the Holy Spirit can not be bought. An individual may not generate what the O Spirit can with its amazing resources. The incentive is to provide people the opportunity to see how the Holy Nature is used to spread his passion of Jesus (Kaiser, 2010). The scriptures is started by...

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