Sample project report Composition


M/s ___________________SILK MILL



Name with the concern

M/s ______________ MAN MADE FIBRE MILL



, Raipur 492001, Chaattisgarh.


Character of Business/Products

Proposed: Making of Man made fibre Yarn.








Expense of Project & Means of Financial


Total (Rs. )

Factory Terrain

29. 53

Site Advancements

10. 00

Factory Building & additional structural performs

359. 66

Plant & Machinery (including tech. know-how)

1100. 69

Electrical Installation

69. 83

Furnitures & fixtures & Other Set Assets

twenty-two. 50


25. 00

Pre-operative Expenses

221. 87

Preliminary Expenses

2 . 50


56. 10


1897. sixty-eight

Margin funds for seed money

84. 01


1981. 69

Ways of finance

Total (Rs. )

Promoters capital

365. 96

Capital Subsidy

690. seventy four

Term mortgage from:


800. 00

Unguaranteed loan & other liabilities

125. 00


81. 69


Proposed Agreement

Sole bank for rupee term financial loan

8. Facilities: Existing/Proposed[Rs. In Lacs] Establishments



Change (+/-)

Fund Bottom Limit

Term Loan

Cash Credit Limit

522. 98


800. 00

150. 00

(+) 277. 02

(+) 150. 00

Total Pay for Base

522. 98

950. 00

(+) 427. 02

Non Account Base Limit

Bank Guarantee

11. forty five

25. 00

(+)13. fifty-five

Total contact with the concern

534. 43

975. 00

(+) 440. 57

9. Security


Suggested (nature, eldership elders, value, predicted time for creation) Asset Cover


1) Mortgage around the Plant & Machinery, Electric power Installation & all other Instruments.

2) Stock, Book Debts, Retailers and other Current assets

1498. 49 Lacs

537. 52 Lacs


1) Factory Land admeasuring 91764 Sq ft. & Building built over it, in Kh. Number 390/1& a couple of, & 389, PH Number 108 for Bhanpuri Professional Area, Raipur (C. G. ) (Leasehold Land) in the name of M/s___________________________ Silk Mill Appreciated at Rs. 449. 00 Lacs 2) Open plan admeasuring 13503 Sq . foot. at Kh. No . 379/1, PH No . 23 situated at Village Baroda, Raipur Regd. In the name of Guarantor Mr. Rishi Pratap Singh Highly valued at Rs. 16. 54 Lacs.

3) Open plot admeasuring 22173 Sq . foot. at Kh. No . 379/2, PH Number 23 situated at Town Baroda, Raipur Regd. With the intention of Guarantor Mr. Rishi Pratap Singh Respected at Rs. 27. 16 Lacs. 4) Residential Storyline No . MIG-887, Slice-1, at C. G. Housing Plank Colony, Tatibandh, Ward No . 13, Raipur admeasuring 1452. 6 Sq ft. in the name of Mr. Dhansay____________________Valued at Rs. 14. 53 Lacs.

5) Open plan admeasuring 82311 Sq . feet. situated at Kh. Number 90/7, 92/10, 92/11, 92/12, 92/13 & 92/14, PH LEVEL No . twenty-one, Padumlal Punnalal Bakshi Ward No . two, Gram Dhaba, Distt. Rajnandgaon (C. G. ). Wait in the identity of Mr. Dhansay____________________Valued at Rs. 123. 47 Lacs.

630. 75 Lacs



1 . one particular M/s. __________Silk Mill is actually a proprietary firm having its workplace at 14, Pagariya Complicated, Near Fresh Bus Stand, Pandri, Raipur 492001 Chhattisgarh. The proposal namely M/s Silk Mills proposing to ascertain a service having mounted capacity 245. 00 kg/day (Three adjustments ) of silk wool using 3172 spindles (three shifts ), at Bhanpuri Industrial Real estate, Near Urkura Railway Stop, Raipur 492001, Chaattisgarh. The promoter of concern identical- Mister. Dhansay____________________is a highly skilled person to take care of the affair of the Matter. The Main Goals of the Matter include the Making and Marketing of Cotton Yarn. Matter is a fresh unit.

1 . 2 The proprietor Mister. Dhansay____________________belongs to erudite Group of this location. Brief Regarding the marketer Background is definitely detailed inside the subsequent paragraph forming component to this document. The procedure of the suggested Registered Business office of M/s___________________________ Silk Generators is situated 18, Pagariya...


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