Paradox Technology Essay

Technology Paradox

Hem Raj Bhatt




households have clock,

mobile phones, and TV in

almost every room. The


will be


demarcated by mins

instead of several hours; many

of us suffer from stress

and continuously complain

that we don't have

the required time to do every single

thing we wish to do.

The complaint appears

Paradoxical because we

know there has been an









our tasks, and even each of our

transportation gets us

wherever we need to be

more quickly. Still we

include less time after that ever

to invest leisurely, and I

would like to believe

this problem is definitely not

as a result of technology,

but rather, because

technology has created

more pursuits and

people are susceptible to a

basic ethical travel for

" more”.

The majority of us get caught up

in a schedule of likely to

work every day, coming

residence late, then simply taking

care of mundane specifics

before dropping into the

foundation only to wake up early

in the morning to continue

the program.

In city society

equally parent work fulltime, so might be busy

doing work through out the

week, which leaves

them only the trips





households. Because of this,


father and mother


ostracized from their

kids because they will

don't have time or

strength to spend with

their kids.

Some people suffer from

serious stress due to

their schedule.

What tiny free time

people do have, they

dedicate to the phone, in

front of TV, or on the

computer system. People can easily

wile away hours in front

of TV, and not come

away sense relaxed

mainly because they have spent

that entire time keeping

program the constant

display of photo, storing



personas, plots styles




areas of the multimedia and

every with out realizing

that they are accomplishing this.

The influx of press is

just one single element of the

reason why people don't

have sufficient time.

A little while we think

easier to sit down in

front side of TELEVISION that it is to

take the time to be able to do

anything special. We all

are getting filled each of our time



solutions and receive so

involved in our favourite

shows or games that people

don't take time to do

other things they have

recently been " that means to do”.


will be


old-fashioned protestant

(Westernize) ethic that

dictates people should

continue to work hard now and so they

may reap the reward

later on. While this ethic is

essential for effective

productivity and pushes

all of us to want more, it has

become detrimental to

man psyche. Persons

push themselves to

become more efficient

so they can accomplish

more. However , after that

they have started out adding

even more goals to ensure that in

effect the job hardly ever gets


So while technology features

given the means of more

efficient development it

offers given us more things

to deal with and

attain. As a result,

people find themselves





failing to remember what it is that they

are running following.

The key to more amusement

time has become not

pure technology although a

refusal to let technology

run existence. So , we

must learn to stop when

in a while, breathe, and

enjoy life since it comes.

We should experience

some our family and

must discover how to achieve a

harmony between looking

ahead to tomorrow and

learning to appreciate today.


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