Oppertunities and Challenges to Pakistan Article


1- Launch

2- Organic Resources and the management

3- Richness as well as abundance of natural solutions in Pakistan

4- Pakistan's natural assets and their mismanagement

a) Strength resources

i- Nonrenewable energy resources

a. Oil and Gas reserves

b. Fossil fuel reserves

ii- Renewable energy solutions

a. Wind and solar energy

b. Hydropower

b) Agricultural resources

i- Irrigation Network

ii- Agricultural Land

iii- Variety of Seeds

iv- Creature Husbandry

v- Fishing

c) Mineral Ore Resources

i. Copper and gold solutions.

ii. Salt mines and other minerals

d) Human resources

my spouse and i. Sixth Most significant Population on the globe

ii. Youngsters comprising major chuck

5- Factors resulting in poor managing / Governance

a) Political instability/ competition,

b) Lack of vision and planning,

c) Flawed guidelines,

d) Bureaucratic bottlenecks and corruption,

e) Worsened Regulation and purchase situation,

6- Implications of mismanagement of natural solutions

7- Method forward

8- Conclusion


Pakistan is among the richest countries in the world with regards to natural methods but also one of the weakest among them within their management. The nation is rich in the vital resources which includes that of strength, agriculture, minerals, population, and geography, although unlike the developed countries, these never have been correctly exploited because of poor managing. This dismayed situation can be caused due to several, the two chronic and acute, faults which have triggered poor governance of nation since its beginning except several brief means of monetary prosperity. Widespread political competition and instability, worsening rules and buy and widespread corruption have catalyzed the situation to reference development estancamiento. Contrary to economic potential of its natural resources, Pakistan is a based on foreign aid and debt, it is facing deficit in trade, serious energy catastrophe to run market, and drinking water stress to get agriculture, to name a few challenges.

Nevertheless , the daunting challenges as well as the mounting general public pressure caused due to awareness of civil contemporary society are significantly influencing the political making decisions. Eventually, there is certainly sign of hope for devising effective strategy to exploit the natural source wealth of the nation for its personal sufficiency and viable economical development. It truly is suffice to state that the right exploitation with this wealth will lead to the prosperity with this nation.

Prior to discussing what natural resources Pakistan owns, it is important to comprehend what makes up natural solutions. These take place naturally inside environments characterised by numbers of biodiversity and geodiversity existent in various environments. Some methods like water and cultivation are essential intended for survival of inhabitants while others like strength and minerals are secondary in character but essential for economic advancement. However , useful management of those resources is critical to achieve prosperity of nation. Natural useful resource management is a discipline with a particular concentrate on how administration affects the caliber of life to get both present and foreseeable future generations. It truly is interrelated together with the concept of environmentally friendly development. Pakistan is blessed with significant volume of solutions but lags in management. Pakistan is wealthy in the natural resources. It has enormous energy surplus source potential of both renewable and nonrenewable, which is more than that of oil rich countries of Gulf of mexico. Being located at one of the better geographic and geostrategic places on the map of globe, Pakistan is affluent inside the natural methods. It has tremendous energy excessive resource potential of equally renewable and nonrenewable, which can be greater than regarding oil rich countries of Gulf. Among the list of world's 200 plus countries it has the other largest sodium mines, second largest fossil fuel reserves, 6th largest birdwatcher and rare metal reserves, 7th largest wheat or grain and rice production capacity....


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