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To my mother, Dorothy Blanchard,

who taught me how to take control of my own, personal life

ahead of someone else did.

—Ken Blanchard

To my own wonderful father and mother, Phyllis and Dick,

whom helped me understand the magic of self leadership

by pushing my fascination, independence,

and love of learning.

—Susan Fowler

To my 3 daughters, Genevieve, Ashley, and Juliet,

while using fondest expect that they may be beneficiaries

of these self leadership concepts and tools

and immerse themselves in the great life.

—Laurie Hawkins


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Do You Believe in Magic?


Folks are Not Brain Readers

Hippo Thinking


Cycles of Power


Diagnose Yourself


Getting What You Need


Running With each other


No Excuses


One Minute Magic




Appendix: The Business Cards Trick


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In the last decade or so, the deal in organization has

transformed. In the past, the workforce bought and sold loyalty intended for

job security. If you appeared to function, made a good

effort, and stayed out of difficulties, you were usually

secure in your task. When I managed to graduate from college or university in

the first 1960s, certainly one of my friends received a job with AT& To

and named home. His mother cried with pleasure. " Most likely set

for lifetime, ” your woman said.

Will you be set for lifetime today with any corporation?

No! Life span employment is known as a thing in the past. Over

the last number of years, I've been trying to п¬Ѓnd away

what the new deal is. Talking to leading managers about

the world, I have asked, " If it's certainly not loyalty you want from your workforce today, what do you want? ” The answers have been very universal: " I want people who are problem solvers and are willing to take initiative.

I want people working for myself who become they individual

the place. ”

In other words, top rated managers, presented a choice,

would really like empowered people—individuals they can

value and trust to make good business decisions,

whether top rated managers are around or certainly not.

Does the workforce object to that particular? No! In fact ,

I've asked people, " What do you want coming from an organi-

vi as well as Introduction

zation if work security is no longer available? ” Again, the answers have already been pretty common. People today desire

two things. Initial, they want honesty. " Avoid lie to us.

Don't tell us by one level there will be zero layoffs and

then change a few months later and lead a serious

downsizing. ”

Second, people want in order to constantly

find out new skills. " At some point, basically have to appearance

for a new job—either inside or outdoors my present

organization—I wish to have better expertise and be more

valuable than I was prior to. ” What better way to get

more important than to take initiative, become

problems solver, and act and think as an owner.

Bingo! We have agreement. Then exactly what is the problem? Most people will argue that many managers are not willing to let go, that they still want to keep up

control. These managers speak a good video game but they still

want to be in control and prefer great subordinates who also

follow the business lead of their superiors. Today's truth in

the world of work shows that managers today, if they will

are to be successful, must believe and action in different

ways. In the 1980s, a supervisor typically closely watched п¬Ѓve

people—the span of control was one manager to five

direct reviews. To be competitive, organizations today

must be customer driven, economical, fast, flexible,

and continuously improving. This has led to more

mean-and-lean organizational structures where spans

Advantages / vii

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