Jean Watson’s Theory Dissertation

Jean Watson's Theory of Human Patient

Jenessa Meters. Kofford


June four, 2012

Blue jean Watson's Theory of Human Caring

Jean Watson researched and developed her Theory of Human Caring in 1979. Her theory features expanded as 1979, however the principles in the theory have got remained the same. Watson created this theory to promote the heart of nursing, the central take action of patient that is an important part of the health proper care system; nurturing is the cardiovascular of nursing, the elemental take action that character nursing. Nurturing is the key for the " essence” of nursing jobs. It is a prevalent human bond or connection that a health professional has using a patient. Patient is only effective when utilized interpersonally. Cultivating and nourishing a qualified demeanor and approach in nursing is encouraged. Watson believes that nurturing is the unsecured personal of a accurate nurse's id. According to Health Devices (2011), Watson believes that Florence Nightingale appeared to consent in her statement, " It is the doctor who saves a person's existence ……. is it doesn't nurse whom helps this person live” (Overview of Jean Watson's Theory). According to Norred (2000), " Traditional medicinal practises has become significantly technological, centering on treatment to get rid of disease with medications and surgery. In comparison, the qualified approaches of nursing is targeted on conscious caring skills that help people achieve a healthy and balanced state of mind, body system, and spirit” (p. 838). Finding opportunities for quality nurse/patient instructing moments is an essential activity in medical. When presented a chance, a nurse should certainly spend continuous time with patients. Making contact is not merely attending to the physical needs of the affected person; it is hearing, holding a patient's side, showing the patient through activities that you are right now there to help. Many times when a doctor enters a patient's place, there is an instantaneous expectation. With health care requires so sophisticated today it is imperative that nurses make an effort when likely to show people we worry about them. Nurses promote well being through knowledge and treatment. It is essential that through the nurse's attitude and competence which a patient seems nurtured, respected, and safe. Watson also thinks these occasions transform the patient and the nurse as the shared occasions are an integral part of the transpersonal relationship (" Watson Caring Science Commence, " 2012). Jean Watson's focus in research has experienced the study of human caring and loss. Blue jean is a master in breastfeeding research. The girl dedicated her life to the study of caring for sufferers. Jean Watson obtained her many degrees at the School of Co; BSN in 1964, MS in 1966, and PhD in 1973. She became a distinguished professor of nursing, chairperson in qualified science, sometime later it was Dean at the University of Colorado Wellness Sciences Center. She has graduate student degrees in mental-health and psychiatric nursing with a PhD in equally psychology and counseling. Her dedication to analyze is admirable. She has received six additional honorary doctorate degrees (" Watson Qualified Science Start, " 2012). This conventional paper applies theory to nurse/patient interaction. Effective nurse/patient conversation requires nurturing and value. The 12 carative factors are important in nurse/patient connections. Nurses must put aside our own needs to deal with the requires of others, without losing a sense of personal in the process. Relating to McNamara (1995); 1) Human-altruistic system of values.

2) Faith and hope.

3) Sensitivity to self while others.

4) Helping-trusting human relationships.

5) Expressing positive and bad feelings.

6) Create problem-solving qualified process.

7) Transpersonal teaching-learning.

8) Supportive protective and corrective mental, physical, social, and spiritual environment. 9) Human needs assistance.

10) Existential/phenomenological/spiritual forces (p. 377-378)

It is often difficult to describe how Dr . Watson's 10 carative factors are being used in these transpersonal nurse/patient human relationships. The...

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