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A. Current Performance: Apple announced economic results due to the fiscal 2009 fourth quarter ended Sept. 2010 26, 2009. The Company submitted revenue of $9. 87 billion and a net quarterly revenue of $1. 67 billion. These benefits compare to earnings of $7. 9 billion and net quarterly revenue of $1. 14 billion dollars, in the year-ago quarter. Major margin was 36. six percent, up from thirty four. 7 percent in the year-ago quarter. Intercontinental sales accounted for 46 percent of the quarter's revenue. Modifying GAAP sales and item costs to eliminate the impact of subscription accounting, the corresponding non-GAAP measures* for the 1 / 4 are $12. 25 billion of " Adjusted Sales” and $2. 85 billion of " Adjusted Net gain. ” Apple sold 3. 05 mil Macintosh® computers during the quarter, representing a 17 percent unit increase over the year-ago quarter. The Company sold twelve. 2 , 000, 000 iPods during the quarter, symbolizing an 8-10 percent device decline in the year-ago 1 / 4. Apple distributed 7. four million iPhones in the quarter, representing several percent device growth in the year-ago 1 / 4. B. Ideal Posture Focus on making the best product, and rewards will follow. In fact , Apple's new partners are signing up in spite of, instead of because of, Jobs' rules of engagement. Apple makes small pretense of creating a level playing field, yet routinely picks favorites—such while Google intended for building umschlusselung and online video applications to get the iPhone. And instead of aim for one of the most partners, Apple focuses on getting the best kinds. As a result, the Mac and iPod think more like a gated, elitist community, with Apple keeping close watch over who gets in. " The notion of any platform is an extremely PC-oriented technique of looking at the world, " says Silicon Valley financier Roger McNamee. " Buyers just want a great experience. They may buy platforms. " 2. CORPORATE GOVERNANCE

A. Table of Directors

Bill Campbell

Chairman and former CEO

Intuit Corp.

Millard Drexler

Chairman and CEO

L. Crew

Albert Gore Jr.

Former Vp of the United States

Dorrie Jobs

CEO, Apple

Andrea Jung

Chairman and CEO, Avon Items

Arthur G. Levinson, Ph level. D.



Jerry York

Chief, President and CEO

Harwinton Capital

M. Top Management

Steve Jobs

CEO, Apple

Timothy G. Cook

Chief Operating Officer

Scott Forstall

Mature Vice President

iPhone Software

Jonathan Ive

Senior Vice President

Professional Design

Ron Manley

Senior Vice President


Bob Mansfield

Older Vice President

Mac Equipment Engineering

Peter Oppenheimer

Elderly Vice President and

Key Financial Expert

Indicate Papermaster

Senior Vp

Gadgets Hardware Engineering

Philip W. Schiller

Senior Vice President

Worldwide Product Marketing

Bertrand Serlet

Mature Vice President

Software Architectural

Bruce Sewell

Senior Vice President and

General Suggest


A. Social Environment:









ThreatIndustry feus

Industry declines as consumers want fewer luxury goods

The overall global economy prospect is less good for this and the subsequent. The raise of essential oil and food prices features lead inflation to the community economy as the consumers' income has not been very much reduced. Seeing that consumers are also facing a greater risk of staying unemployed, it is going to push these to spend fewer in eating luxuries products, like update their current computer or buy a brand new iPhone. This will likely have a quite big influence about Apple's retail business. Considering the US overall economy will continue going down this season, the exchange rate may be falling further more down. Nevertheless , Apple has used foreign exchange frontward...

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