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We know that you urgently need to have your newly-written paper checked. Every day we stumble on this request “check my essay,” and we certainly meet our customers’ expectations. We offer you to take advantage of our professional editing service, which can help you to cope with editing your papers. You’ll get a long-awaited opportunity to forget about this nerve-racking process and finally shift to more pleasant activities.

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if you opt for our online service, you’ll get editing for your thesis, dissertation or research academic papers. We’ll deprive you of errors and glitches. Your urgency is our top priority, so we’re ready to respond to your request without delay.

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Instant essay check

Every year a great number of learners from various ethnicities come to educations institutions of Great Britain, Canada and the United States to get degrees in a variety of fields. Due to the fact English isn’t their mother tongue they lack confidence when it comes to presenting their ideas. Respectively, they require a thorough essay check just to obtain good grades. Even native speakers aren’t immune to glitches and errors of different types, and foreign learners are especially vulnerable in this regard. Such students often rely on our expertise and experience, and we successfully covert their mediocre writing into what really deserves praise.

A professional essay check is required to fix your poor grammar as well as incorrect word choices. As a result you can enjoy smooth and correctly formed sentences. If you rely on our skilled editors, you can obtain the following outcome:

  • Adequate stream of thoughts is maintained when reading
  • An excellent piece of writing with perfect grammar
  • The topic’s title is relevant to your paper
  • A wise conclusion to summarize your essay
  • A possibility of getting an overview by simply reading the heading
  • We can check your essay for a reasonable price

Our professional editors wisely approach editing. The first step involves reading. Then they get down to editing, organizing, clarifying and structuring entrusted papers. Of course, we’ll take into account your individual editing requirements.

As usual, learners don’t realize the need of editing, and often submit their unchecked papers. If you decide to hire our experts, you can count on high grades. It’s because our specialists will polish your original thoughts into an extremely impressive presentable manner. We realize your budget is quite limited, so we won’t charge you more than you expect. You’ll be even pleasantly surprised.

You can check your essay on your own!

Instead of hiring someone and praying “check my essay” you can do it by yourself. If you’ve firmly decided to polish your essay on your own, this guide will help you to meet this objective.

Make use of web software tools

The software and web tools mentioned here for proofreading and editing are mostly free, others need a moderate fee. However, just looking for free editing tools is an erroneous strategy, to put it mild. Investing in professional software tools will undoubtedly pay off.

Utilize Grammarly

The number of web-based grammar as well as style checkers is surging, and Grammarly is probably the worthiest one. Just have the Grammarly browser plug-in installed for free and your writing will be scrutinized for 100 grammar points, punctuation, and spelling. The basic account doesn’t ensure Microsoft Word integration, and you can get a simple check and upload files right on the website. You require paying for an upgraded account to count on more types of checks as well as Word integration.

Plug-in helpers and Google Docs

Unfortunately, many learners don’t have the money to purchase Microsoft Word. You can rely on Google Docs if your budget is limited too. This free word processor can get your job done. The spellchecking feature of this online tool is good enough. However, it’s not as perfect as Word in terms of comprehensiveness. However, with extra plug-ins you can do more. For example, some learners tend to utilize different spellings of words in their long papers. The given issue can be successfully tackled by means of the Consistency Checker plug-in. You can find it in the Google store.

Run Word grammar and spelling check

Before typing this worn-out search query “check my essay” stop and recall a good free tool already within your reach. Of course, your Microsoft Word offers you a nice grammar and spelling check option. That’s so strange that many learners neglect this free editing tool. Perhaps, they simply forget about this stuff overwhelmed with the crazy rush to complete their projects. As you know, Word tends to flag correct phrases and words as wrong. Nevertheless, this minor glitch can’t overshadow the whole usefulness of this free editing tool. It really helps to exclude the most common mistakes.

Stay away from plagiarism

Even if you’re good at averting grammar and spelling errors, you might fail to make your paper plagiarism free. That’s a common problem faced by many students. To make your essay less similar to someone’s paper simply try to put the source’s ideas in your own original words, as just paraphrasing somebody’s content isn’t enough. Secondly, make use of any of numerous free plagiarism detecting websites to timely spot any signs of duplicate content in your paper.

Check the readability statistics of your paper

In Spelling and Grammar of Microsoft Word there’s an option disclosing Readability Statistics after you complete running it. The given stats clearly show how easy your paper is for the audience to comprehend. You require keeping your parameter “sentences per paragraph” within the range of 3-5, while “words per sentence” need to be kept below 15. Thus, you’ll make your paper much easier to understand. Additionally, your Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level number needs to be low enough even if it doesn’t fit your intuition. Your writing will be much clearer if you managed to keep this grade level low.

AutoCorrect rules!

That’s so great Word’s AutoCorrect feature is capable of automatically correcting mistakes. Don’t forget to turn this stuff on and enjoy watching your mistakes vanish instantly.

Take an editing online course

That’s another good way to supplant errors from your papers. As usual, such courses are quite affordable. With their indisputable usefulness they’ll undoubtedly pay off. Take any of currently available editing/wiring courses to improve your knowledge of punctuation, spelling and grammar.

Make your paragraphs coherent

In mediocre papers paragraphs are nothing, but chaotic collections of sentences. In a good paper every paragraph needs to have its own argument or thesis. Additionally, every sentence should offer evidence for that argument or thesis. Avoid dropping in sentences, which lack connection to each other. Otherwise, you’ll make an awful mess of random ideas.

Cease your all-nighters

Of course, dealing with two jobs and several courses at the same time is a tough situation, but it doesn’t mean that you should omit editing your papers. Moreover, the all-nighter style of writing can hardly be used to produce error-free papers. A good night’s sleep is a much-have thing for anyone, and you aren’t an exception. With a fresh brain you’ll easily detect mistakes in your writing.

Make us of paper

These days we get used to our gadgets and often neglect some good old-school option, such as paper. If you try writing an essay on paper you’ll be amazed by the drastic clearness of your thinking, not to mention smarter spelling, grammar and style.

Check your sources

Don’t just stare at the words in the editing stage. You should also pay attention to your sources and ensure you’ve properly paraphrased someone’s ideas. Misrepresentation of theorists is what you should avoid. Some learners are used to citing wrong authors. You need to avoid it – every source should be thoroughly checked.

Read your paper out loud

Before you submit your paper don’t forget to read this stuff out loud. Obviously, by the time you get to submission you aren’t objective any longer. It’s because you can’t spot errors as you’ve already read the text many times. By simply speaking your sentences, you’ll detect awkward sentences as well as missing words.

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